4 Property Features that Call for a Privacy Fence Screen

Chain Link with Green Privacy Slats

Sometimes, you just need your privacy. You may have the nicest possible neighbors, but every now and then, you need to stick to yourself without anyone minding your business. As we’ve discussed on this blog in the past, privacy fences are just what you need to make that happen. And if you don’t want a privacy fence, a privacy fence screen is the next best thing.

But certain types of properties necessitate a privacy fence screen more so than others. If your yard backs up to a ravine, you probably don’t have a distinct need. But in a neighborhood at the bottom of a hill, everyone can see in your yard unless you add a sight barrier. More specifically, here are 4 types of property features that call for a privacy fence screen.

1) An Outdoor Pool

Let’s start with the most obvious reason for a privacy fence screen: a pool, in or above ground, in which you plan to cool down during the hot summer months. Simply put, there is nothing better than jumping in cool waters during a hot day to relax and ensure the heat doesn’t get to you.

Regardless of your shape and body type, you probably don’t want your neighbors watching you swim. Sometimes, you just need some privacy, which will make you more comfortable with getting into your swim trunks or swimsuit. Well, what about a fence screen that can do just that?

2) A Wooden or Composite Deck

Similarly, an outdoor deck is a popular spot to enjoy bathing in the sun or engage in family and individual activities. Especially sunbathing, but even more simple activities can be improved simply by some privacy that keeps your neighbors’ eyes out of your property.

Often, the problem with a deck is that it’s above-ground, which means that you and everything you do will be easier to see for anyone who cares to have a lock. Thanks to a privacy fence screen, you no longer have to worry about any of that when enjoying the warm months outside.

3) A Large, Homegrown Garden

Gardening is a hobby that continues to spread throughout the United States. There is something both soothing and satisfying about growing your own fruits and vegetable, knowing that your own soil is able to provide for your family on a daily basis.

But you know what’s not satisfying or soothing? Knowing that you’re being watched while gardening. Everybody does it, which means that everybody has tips and recommendations on how to do it best. Those tips can quickly get annoying; fortunately, a privacy fence screen means your neighbors don’t even see when you’re tending to your goods.

4) An Exercise or Sporting Area

Finally, increasing numbers of Americans use their backyard to exercise. From Yoga to Tai Chi, it offers a personal space that’s close enough to remain motivated even on days during which getting started can be a drag.

Alternatively, you may have small children that use the yard as their own personal sporting arena. Soccer goals or basketball hoops can keep them engaged and happy for hours during long summer evenings.

For either of these activities, how much do you really want your neighbors to watch! Exercising and children’s play should remain private, and are no one’s business but your own. With a privacy fence screen, you can make sure that this desire becomes reality in your yard.

In short, a privacy fence screen offers benefits for a wide range of features and activities within your property. Whether you enjoy your deck, pool, garden or exercise area by yourself or with others, this fence ensures that only those who you have determined to be a part of the fun will actually share in it. To learn more about privacy fences, and how our fence company can help you install one on your property, contact us.