4 Property Features that Call for a Privacy Fence Screen

Chain Link with Green Privacy Slats

Sometimes, you just need your privacy. You may have the nicest possible neighbors, but every now and then, you need to stick to yourself without anyone minding your business. As we’ve discussed on this blog in the past, privacy fences are just what you need to make that happen. And if you don’t want a privacy fence, a privacy fence screen is the next best thing.

But certain types of properties necessitate a privacy fence screen more so than others. If your yard backs up to a ravine, you probably don’t have a distinct need. But in a neighborhood at the bottom of a hill, everyone can see in your yard unless you add a sight barrier. More specifically, here are 4 types of property features that call for a privacy fence screen.

1) An Outdoor Pool

Having a pool in your backyard, whether in or above ground, brings countless moments of joy and relaxation. On sweltering summer days, there’s no luxury quite like plunging into the refreshing embrace of cool waters. It serves as an oasis, a retreat from the relentless sun, and offers a serene space to find solace and rejuvenation. The mere idea of the water shimmering under the sun, the gentle lapping of the waves against the pool edge, and the delightful sensation of weightlessness as you float is enough to drive anyone to the edge of their pool.

Yet, the experience of swimming, lounging, or even just dipping your feet in the pool is deeply personal. It’s a time where you let go, unburden yourself, and are, quite literally, stripped down to your most vulnerable self in your swim trunks or swimsuit. In these moments, the feeling of being watched or scrutinized can disrupt the tranquility. The simple thought of prying eyes can make one feel self-conscious, adding a layer of discomfort in what should be a haven of relaxation.

A fence screen is a straightforward solution to this potential concern. By adding this layer of privacy to your pool area, you are gifting yourself the freedom to enjoy your pool without reservation. Imagine being able to splash, play, or even just sunbathe with complete confidence, knowing that you’re in your secluded zone. Such a screen doesn’t just serve as a barrier from the outside world, but as a statement that your comfort and peace of mind are paramount. It allows you to fully immerse yourself in the pool experience, devoid of inhibitions.

In essence, the magic of a pool lies in its ability to transport you to a world where summer’s heat is but a gentle touch, and the stresses of daily life float away. A fence screen ensures that this world remains untainted, free from the unwelcome gaze of the outside world, and purely yours to cherish.

2) A Wooden or Composite Deck

An outdoor deck is more than just an extension of a home; it’s a sanctuary. It provides a much-needed escape to the outdoors, a bridge between the confines of the house and the freedom of nature. For many homeowners, the deck becomes a favorite haven, a place to soak up the sun, read a book, have breakfast, or simply spend time with loved ones. Such activities, while seemingly mundane, offer a slice of life’s simple pleasures. Especially sunbathing, the act of lying down, feeling every inch of your skin warmed by the sun’s rays, is an intimate and rejuvenating experience that many cherish.

However, with the elevated nature of most decks, the sought-after privacy becomes a luxury. Given that decks are usually constructed above ground level, this elevation, while providing a vantage point, also inadvertently exposes homeowners to the outside world. A deck, intended to be a private space, suddenly turns into a stage where every movement, every activity becomes visible to neighbors or passersby. Whether it’s flipping through the pages of a novel, playing cards with family, practicing yoga, or simply lying down with a hat over one’s face, these personal moments are at risk of becoming unintentional public displays.

This inadvertent exposure can be a constant niggling worry at the back of one’s mind. Instead of unwinding, one might find themselves tensing up, modifying behavior, or constantly looking over the shoulder. The carefree lounging, the stretching out, or even the candid laughter — these organic moments get stifled under the weight of potential scrutiny.

Enter the privacy fence screen. This simple addition transforms the dynamics of an outdoor deck. With a screen in place, the deck reclaims its role as a secluded retreat. Homeowners can bask in the sun without the subconscious pull of modesty. Activities that were once potentially overshadowed by the fear of prying eyes can now be fully embraced, allowing one to be present in the moment, unguarded and true to oneself. In essence, the screen acts as a shield, protecting the sanctity of personal space and ensuring that every moment spent on the deck is a moment of pure, undisturbed enjoyment. The warm months outside, with their promise of relaxation and fun, can be experienced in all their glory, without compromise.

3) A Large, Homegrown Garden

Gardening, a timeless pursuit, has rooted itself deeply into the American lifestyle. Whether it’s the feel of the soil between one’s fingers, the anticipation of the first sprouts, or the sheer joy of seeing fruits and vegetables thrive, the practice connects us to the earth in the most profound way. It bridges the gap between nature and nurture, reminding us of the symbiotic relationship we share with the earth. To plant a seed and watch it grow, to nurture it and eventually reap the rewards is a profound experience. Every bloom, every ripe fruit stands as a testament to the dedication, love, and care poured into the soil. It’s not just about having fresh produce on the table; it’s about the journey of bringing that produce from the ground to the plate.

However, like many personal endeavors, gardening is deeply intimate. It’s a dance between the gardener and nature, with each step, each decision tailored to the unique conditions of one’s garden. And while the gardening community is vast and often supportive, the individual journey of each gardener is unique. When tending to their plots, gardeners often find themselves immersed, losing track of time, their senses engaged fully in the act. It becomes a meditative process, where the outside world blurs, and all that remains is the gardener and their plants.

In this serene bubble, the feeling of being observed can be jarring. Unsolicited advice, while often well-intentioned, can disturb the rhythm. Every gardener has their own methods, passed down through generations, learned through books, or discovered through trial and error. The joy of gardening also lies in these experiments, in finding what works best for one’s own plot. The continuous stream of tips and recommendations, often from neighbors peeking over the fence, can become overwhelming and intrusive. It’s akin to having a backseat driver while navigating a path you know like the back of your hand.

A privacy fence screen elegantly addresses this challenge. By creating a barrier, it ensures that the gardener’s haven remains undisturbed. No longer under the watchful eyes of neighbors, gardeners can continue their dance with nature in peace. They can make mistakes, try unconventional methods, or simply sit and admire their work without the unsolicited chorus of opinions. The fence screen ensures that the garden remains a personal sanctuary, where the only voices heard are those of nature and the gardener’s own heart. It preserves the sanctity of the individual gardening experience, ensuring that it remains pure, undiluted, and deeply satisfying.

4) An Exercise or Sporting Area

The backyard, for many, is not just an extension of their living space but a versatile arena that holds the potential for countless activities. In recent times, with the increasing emphasis on health, wellness, and holistic living, many Americans have transformed their backyards into sanctuaries of physical and mental rejuvenation. The allure of exercising outdoors, under the open sky, is undeniable. The fresh air, the sound of birds chirping, the gentle caress of the breeze – all these elements come together to create an environment that’s both invigorating and calming.

Yoga and Tai Chi, in particular, are disciplines that emphasize harmony, balance, and a deep connection with nature. Practicing these ancient arts in the backyard, as opposed to a confined indoor space, amplifies their benefits manifold. The subtle energies of nature enhance the flow of energy within the body, making every stretch, every pose, and every breath more profound. On days when the motivation to start is low, merely stepping into the backyard – feeling the grass under one’s feet or seeing the vast expanse of the sky – can serve as a powerful impetus. It’s a space that’s simultaneously accessible and transformative.

On the other hand, for families with children, the backyard often morphs into a vibrant playground. Childhood is marked by boundless energy and an insatiable curiosity to explore. Setting up soccer goals or basketball hoops in the yard can lead to endless hours of fun, laughter, and healthy competition. These setups not only encourage physical activity but also hone skills like teamwork, strategy, and focus. The long summer evenings, with the golden hue of the setting sun, become the perfect backdrop for these spirited games. Children, with their vivid imaginations, can turn the yard into a soccer stadium or a basketball court, with every match holding the thrill and excitement of a championship.

However, as refreshing and fulfilling these activities are, they also come with a need for privacy. The introspective nature of Yoga and Tai Chi demands an environment free from distractions and prying eyes. The sanctity of these practices can be compromised if one feels observed or judged. Similarly, children, while playing, need the freedom to be themselves, to make mistakes, celebrate victories, and learn from losses without the subconscious weight of being watched.

This is where the privacy fence screen becomes invaluable. It serves as a gentle barrier, safeguarding the intimacy of these backyard moments. For the individual engrossed in their morning Yoga routine, it ensures peace and seclusion. For the children immersed in their games, it provides a cocoon of security, allowing them to be uninhibited in their joy. The screen, in essence, enhances the backyard experience, ensuring that it remains personal, authentic, and deeply enriching.

For either of these activities, how much do you really want your neighbors to watch! Exercising and children’s play should remain private, and are no one’s business but your own. With a privacy fence screen, you can make sure that this desire becomes reality in your yard.

In short, a privacy fence screen offers benefits for a wide range of features and activities within your property. Whether you enjoy your deck, pool, garden or exercise area by yourself or with others, this fence ensures that only those who you have determined to be a part of the fun will actually share in it. To learn more about privacy fences, and how our fence company can help you install one on your property, contact us.

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