Which Privacy Fence Style is Right for You?

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Privacy fences are arguably the most popular type of fencing in the United States. After all, U.S. zoning committee experts estimate that between 80-90 percent of fence applications from fence companies and homeowners are for privacy fences.

And for good reason, too. The benefits of privacy fencing are numerous. They’re affordable, secure, and low maintenance. Many privacy fences are made of pressure-treated wood. Privacy fences also create a secure enclosure, ensuring that children and animals stay within a certain perimeter, that no unwanted guests will get in, and when the materials are sufficient, that unwanted noise is reduced and mitigated. Plus, all homeowners have to do to ensure that their wood fences remain in good condition is waterproof them, rake dead leaves away from them to keep the wood from rotting and splitting, and keep them clean.

Most importantly, perhaps, privacy fences are aesthetically pleasing and can add a ton of curb appeal to any property.

That being said, not every fence will look great with every property. Homeowners need to choose privacy fence designs that match the style of their houses in order to ensure that their privacy fences are as aesthetic as possible.

With so many privacy fence designs to choose from, though, finding the right one can be a bit of a challenge. Here are a few suggestions that can help.


Scalloped privacy fences are a visually striking option that introduces a touch of whimsy and charm to your outdoor sanctuary. What sets them apart from traditional straight-topped fences is the inclusion of beams with gracefully sloping tops that form gentle waves or arcs between the posts. This design choice creates a captivating visual effect that softens the fence’s overall appearance, transforming it into an eye-catching feature in your landscape.


Arched top privacy fences exude an air of refinement and elegance that instantly elevates the aesthetic appeal of any property. This style incorporates beams that gracefully slope upwards between the fence posts, creating an arch-like effect. The arched design adds a touch of grandeur and sophistication to your outdoor space, making it an ideal choice for homeowners who desire a more regal and distinguished ambiance.


Lattice-topped fences effortlessly combine privacy and delicacy, providing a stunning visual impact to any outdoor space. This style incorporates a section of latticework framed with wood, running along the top of the fence. The lattice pattern creates a captivating play of light and shadow, adding a touch of enchantment and charm to your surroundings.


For those seeking a privacy fence with intricate detailing, basket weave tops are an exceptional choice. Inspired by the art of basketry, this design features horizontal and vertical beams that overlap, much like the weaving pattern of a basket. The result is a fence that exhibits a visually stunning, interlocking pattern, adding depth and texture to your outdoor sanctuary.


If you gravitate towards contemporary aesthetics, a privacy fence with horizontal louvre tops might be the perfect fit. This style features beams that mimic the louvre door style, with horizontal slats that allow for partial visibility while maintaining privacy. The clean lines and sleek design of horizontal louvres add a modern touch to your outdoor space, creating a minimalist and sophisticated atmosphere.


Then again, there’s always the traditional dog-eared top, which has beams with angled edges. This is good for homeowners who want to keep their wooden fences simple and traditional.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

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